What is Super Randonnée ?

Super Randonnée is a differentiated challenge in the Randonneur universe, consists of a pedaling with 600 km and at least 10,000 m of climbing.
Super Randonnée (SR600k)  is a permanent Brevet, it means that it does not have a fixed date for its realization, the participants themselves decide when they will pedal the course.
It is worth remembering that the SR600k does not replace a Brevet 600km in obtaining the title of Super Randonneur in a series.
The SR600k is divided into two options: Randonneur and Touristic.
In the Randonneur option the cyclist takes the whole trip with a time limit of 60 hours, while the Touristic option has no time limit, but with a minimum of 80km / day, without interruption of dates.
The Super Randonnée in the Randonneur option finished in the time limit is one of the requirements of the title of Randonneur 10,000. The Touristic option is focused on those who want to enjoy the route and even prepare in the future to face it in the Randonneur option.

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Super Randonnée (Randonneurs Brasil)

Super Randonnée (ACP – ENGLISH)

The Route : SR600km ESCALADORES


Control Points List:

START – Catedral São Luiz Gonzaga – 0km
PC1 Igreja Imaculada Conceição – 28.1 km
PC2 Igreja São José – 61.0 km
PC3 Igreja Cristo Redentor – 95.2 km
PC4 Igreja Santo Antônio -151.0 km
PC5 Igreja Nsa Sra da Saúde – 184.0 km
PC6 Igreja São João Batista – 227.0 km
PC7 Igreja São Luís Gonzaga – 248.8 km
PC8 Igreja Nsa Sra Purificação – 341.3 km
PC9 Igreja Santo Antônio – 377.0 km
PC10 Convento Boaventura – 439.0 km
PC11 Lagoa Da Harmonia – 468.3 km
PC12 Igreja São Miguel – 513.5 km
PC13 Igreja São João Batista – 546.2 km
PC14 Igreja São Sebastião – 564.4 km
FINISH – Catedral São Luiz Gonzaga – 601,2km

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